Yes 2020 PYL 164W

164 cm (ww 26.5) Product ID: 813

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Pick Your Line…and hold it!

Tapered UnderBite delivers the directional drive and float of a tapered board without compromising edge hold or the ability to power out of turns. The PYL does all this in a more traditional width/length board. The Weightless core , natural dampening and snap provided by the Ash Veneer brings a refined, high-performance feel to this innovative, award-winning shape.

BASE PROFILE Directional CamRock (Nose Rocker 2mm – Camber 4mm – Tail Rocker 1mm)

OUTLINE Tapered UnderBite

Taper that drives, floats and holds. Similar looking to wings or bumps on a surfboard, it functions a little different on snow. Each side the board’s effective edge is segmented into 3 distinct parts that step horizontally inward rather than tapering. Traditional “tapered boards” take the full sidecut and pull the tail inward, which is away from the arc of your turn – this is why they tend to wash out under hard carving. The Tapered UnderBite corrects this by: 1) keeping the sidecut parallel to its corresponding one on the other side of the board. 2) Increasing the sidecut depth as you move towards the tail creating a corrective “hook” to the taper. The board blends into turns effortlessly, has the directional drive and float you’d expect from a tapered board, but it holds an edge and rockets out of turns like nothing else.

SHAPE Directional

CORE Weightless with Ash Veneer topsheet

Designed originally for the420 and 20/20. The weightless core strikes a critical balance between lightweight and strength. Using a lower density species of Poplar in areas that are not as structural and Paulownia in the areas that are, we’re able to shave precious weight off boards designed to surface-fly. This helps a board not only float, but “feel” floaty.